Three times in one year!

We have been very lazy… I mean busy.This past year, like all others, has flown by.I looked at our site today and realized we didn’t post much over the past year.That is just crazy.Since last year we have moved one, no two, no three times.Yes, we moved three times in one year. This last year put us in our wonderful new home.Well, new to us. It was built in 1937; so it’s not really new but it has a plethora of character.Not to mention a huge back yard that makes summertime lemonade taste that much better.

Doug is still at Google, but he is speaking again, which is fun for both of us.You can catch him at the SXSW conference in March this year.I will be going as well. So it will be a nice little getaway for both of us.

As of Monday I’ll be leaving VMware and going back to Google.Although I enjoyed my time as a Campus Recruiter, I really enjoy Google overall.Plus, when I work at Google, Doug and I get to carpool together. So no more driving for me.

Jackson has grown into a Great Dane. We thought he was a Labrador, but I guess we were wrong… just kidding. He is huge though.He sure loves Doug.It’s nice that Doug has someone to hang out with in the doughouse, I mean doghouse!We all know that doesn’t happen often.

So with all his free time, Doug has been working on a redesign of this site.And from what I’ve seen so far it is AMAZING!I love it and can’t wait for you to see it too.

Stay tuned!

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