Everywhere I look

It’s not that I think more women are pregnant now than at any other previous time in history. Or that there is a sudden influx of babies everywhere. But everywhere I look, I either see round-bellied women waddling along. Or I see new moms and dads, bags under their eyes from sleepless nights, scrambling to figure out just what to do with a newborn bundle of life in front of them.

Obviously, once you anticipate certain changes in life, you notice and pay attention to other people going through the same change. Similar to what happens when you acquire a new car (or a car new to you), you tend to notice other similar cars on the road too. You make instant comparisons, identifying the similarities and differences. I think my intrigue comes more from hoping I’ll learn something.

I’ve never paid so much attention to other pregnant women. And I think I’m even more fascinated with families that have babies or toddlers. I’m interested in what they do, what products they use, how they hold their child, and how they react to certain situations and behaviors. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and see everything these people do. Mainly so I can learn what works well, and what doesn’t work so well.

I just hope these people I see don’t mistake my own wide-eyed, can’t-look-away stares as anything more than pure curiosity and wonderment of how in the world I’m going to handle the same situation.


  1. Tamera Shoemaker

    Doug (and Cam),

    Congratulations! We won’t wonder why you stare at us in wonderment… I always welcome questions and the never-ending “what did you do when…?” I was the first to ask them when Sophie was a newborn and I learn with each new stage, that I need the wisdom of others who are trying to figure it all out too. The miracle is that we ever survive those sleepless nights and the crying that won’t stop (and you believe never will).

    Somehow, God knows exactly what we need when He makes us parents. He gives us friends we can turn to when we want to give the baby away, and babies so that we turn to Him to guide us.

    We can’t wait to see you guys and look forward to the shower!

  2. Kacy

    Hi! Congrats on impending parenthood. You’ll be a wonderful Dad, Doug. (I don’t know Cam but she sounds like the perfect fit for you.) You guys will just love having a baby. Terry and I now have 3 kids: Sawyer, 6; Ellie, 4; and Cooper, 1. I am campaigning for #4, but we’ll see. You know how us only children get our way eventually!! I enjoyed looking at your Kauai photos. We have been there 3 times in the last ten years. It is my favorite place. I will go back on your site to see some photos when the baby is due. Congrats!!!!

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