There are days, many of them, when all I hear is “No, Mama.” I have a toddler. She’s almost three. “No” seems to be her word of choice these days. It was such a pleasant surprise when she learned to say “please” recently. I thought my parenting skills had finally taken off. I don’t hear “No” nearly as often. Instead, I hear “NoThankYouPlease.” Apparently “please” can be tacked on to the end of anything?

“Em, do you have to go to the bathroom?”

“No thank you please”

“Em, do you want a snack?”

“No thank you please”

“Em, can you please get dressed?!”

“No thank you please”

You get it.

It doesn’t help that she has the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard.

Welcome to NoThankYouPlease. Words only a mother can love and appreciate.

Update: (September 2012) Since I wrote this post, I’ve moved all the content that was originally on NoThankYouPlease over to this site, Growing Up Goofy. While I still think the name is cute because of its origin, I didn’t want anyone to think of it as a flippant or negative connotation.

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  1. rohde

    so cute!

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