The tent, part two

Remember when I told you about that horrible eye sore tent in my living room? Emma has played with that thing for months now. So much so it FINALLY started to come apart. I have to say, it has survived a lot longer than I ever thought it would. I was so glad when everyone agreed that I could get rid of it. So, out it went!

And in came this:

My mother thought Emma would be heartbroken without another flimsy play structure. I have to say, this one is much bigger but isn’t as painful to look at. Since it looks like a “tree” it seems to match our living room a little better. Emma is also super excited to have a little window and her own space again. I’ve also managed to find a way to “trim” those tree branches back so you don’t loose an eye walking by. Win win for everyone.

What I really want to know, will I every have my living room back?

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