Bowman family update

It’s been a very long time since we have posted anything around here. I guess life has taken hold and we just haven’t had time. I have been busy with both websites FrugalDay and NoThankYouPlease (now GrowingUpGoofy). Doug has been working really hard at Twitter.

Unfortunately, our journey in life has forced us to slow down. Well, mine anyway. Many of you know we are expecting a second baby girl mid-April. A few weeks ago we found out she is very eager to arrive a lot sooner than later. I’m on many medications, injections and full time bed rest to try to keep her in as long as possible. After two weeks of bad news, we were told that I am stable for now. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing. Which for me, that means absolutely nothing!

I’ve posted two older posts today from GrowingUpGoofy. This will give you a better idea of what’s been happening the last couple of weeks. For now, FrugalDay is on the back burner. It’s actually a huge relief. Many might think “bed rest” would give me a lot of time to get things done but it’s been quite the opposite. It’s actually a very lonely process that is wearing on me more and more each day.

We go to the doctor every Monday for our progress report. We will be posting updates as we get them. Right now we just ask for prayers that I get to stay home for the remainder of the pregnancy and won’t have to move into the hospital anytime soon.

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