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One of my favorite bloggers, Jessica from Four Plus an Angel recently asked her Facebook readers “Are there any words your kids say or used to say incorrectly that you don’t want to correct because they sound so cute?” I have struggled with this since Emma started talking. There are so many cute things that she will say, incorrectly, that we don’t bother changing. Hence the name of my blog, No Thank You Please.

I don’t think there’s any harm in letting her go uncorrected. She’s only 3 and she’ll learn soon enough. Until then, I’m going to enjoy her cute, incorrectly pronounced words and phrases.

Here are a few we hear ever day…

“No thank you please”

“I want to sit on yours lap”

“Nevah” (Thanks Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

“Let I look”

“After-morrow” means, of course, tomorrow.

“I’d like a special teet” (treat)


  1. Jessica fourplusanangel.com

    My Sawyer says “yours” or “yous” too, love it. Thanks for linking to me, loved all the comments!

  2. Grace Duffy formerlygracie.com

    My daughter used to drop her S’s. So skirt was ‘kirt and it was so adorable. I never corrected her. You are right. They do outgrow it in time and sometimes sooner than you would expect. I was rather sad when she did :-/ Another reminder that she is not a baby anymore.

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      I know, it makes me so sad to see them phrases go away.

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