Buy souvenirs at home

It took us a lot of time, and money, before we figured this tip out. One of the best money-saving tips is to buy souvenirs at home before you go. We no longer spend our time and money shopping for the perfect gifts at the park. Instead, I take time before our trip to find special souvenirs along the way.

For instance, I found the Disney Magic Towels at a dollar store. They had so many Disney Princess, Cars, and Tinker Bell character to choose from. At night, I’d put a new towel on her pillow so she’d have a new one each day. Most recently, I was able to get a Tinker Bell Night Shirt at the Disney Store for only $4.99!

Remember to keep your souvenirs small, affordable, and something your child will love. Save your time for the park!

You can find other great money saving tip ideas over at The Magical Blogorail. 


  1. Nichole

    Okay, I have a story to share:
    In the days leading up to my Disney trip, Katie and I were at the mall and we, of course, popped into the Disney Store, where Katie found a Tinker Bell water cup that she HAD TO HAVE!. ;)
    So, I made mental note of it and planned to pick it up on my trip and bring it home as a surprise.
    I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. I then spent two hours of my time at the park, going through store after store, looking for that cup, to no avail.
    So, for many reasons, you’re onto something with this idea!

    1. Cam

      Of course that’s going to happen! I was there a few days ago and the same thing happened. I had every intention of going back and didn’t make it. You know when I go in there this weekend, they won’t have any more dresses in her size. We need personal shoppers!

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