Daily Shot, with Ali Wentworth

It’s no secret that I love Ali Wentworth. I follow her on Twitter (@AliEWentworth) and watch the Daily Shot (@DailyShotNews) every day. Ali is hilarious, and without trying. She’s a real mom and tells it like it is. In case you haven’t heard about the Daily Shot, it’s Ali’s take on current events and the daily news.

Each show runs anywhere from 3-5 minutes, and is based on the day’s topics. With two little kids, I never have time anymore to watch normal news. But Ali’s take on current events is my favorite, and one I intentionally set aside a few minutes for each day.

I just found out that Disney Interactive launched an app just for the Daily Shot in the App Store. So you can now get a daily dose of the Daily Shot on your iPhone or iPad, for free.

Have you watched any clips of the Daily Shot? Let me know if you love it as much as I do.


  1. Patricia

    I love love her too!

    1. Cam cambowman.com

      She’s so great, that show really makes my day!

  2. Kelly Tirman kellytirman.com

    Cam… you might have just changed my life! I often miss my daily dose of Ali Wentworth because playing it from my computer in the office isn’t always appropriate. Now I will simply take my headphones and iPhone into the restroom to partake. Problem solved :) Thanks for the tip!

    1. Cam cambowman.com

      Seriously, I love their calendar feature. If the girls fall asleep in the car, I park and use my phone. So glad they’re mobile now!

  3. Gabrielle imomreport.com

    I am so thrilled you posted this. I absolutely love her too and also love listening to her husband. She is flat out hilarious! Thank you for sharing this I am downloading this app right now.

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