Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

Have you seen the previews for Wreck-It Ralph? For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, you have to take a look. I love the cast, Jane Lynch is hilarious.

Next week, I get to go with the Twitter crew to a pre-screening of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. I’m so excited. Until then, Disney is having a fun Wreck-It Ralph sweepstakes. Disney is offering a chance to win a Hero’s Journey for four provided by Adventures by Disney! There are also weekly prizes during the sweepstakes.

To enter, visit Wreck-It Ralph on Facebook. Once you “like’ the page, you’ll be able to play the games and enter to win.

Wreck-It Ralph opens in theaters November 2nd. What do you think? Do you thing Ralph will be able to survive Good vs. Evil?

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  1. Sue Robinson motherhoodandme.com

    We saw this last week because we were desperate to get out of the house and it was ADORABLE! My husband especially loved it because he could relate to all the old video games of his youth. Super cute!

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