Hit the park early

dlmickeyminnieThis might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people like to sleep in while they’re on vacation. Even when they’re vacationing at a Disney resort.

One of the key tips to having a great experience is to get in the park early. If you have “Magic Mornings” with your passes, take advantage of that extra hour in the park. We’ve been able to enjoy a few more rides with the extra hour passes and avoid the lines.

On the mornings we don’t have the extra hour, we plan our day to ride the more popular attractions first. If the wait is already long, we get a Fast Pass. The park tends to get busy about an hour after it opens. Getting there early will help maximize your day.

If you need to purchase tickets, ticket booths open half an hour prior to the park opening. Also, if you get to the park early, you’ll have the best available parking spots.

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