Disneyland at 15 months old

Addie is now the same age as Emma was on her very first trip to Disneyland. Addie has been several times now, but hasn’t enjoyed the rides yet. This last trip, things changed. Addie is now following in her sister’s foot steps.

When we got home, I uploaded our photos. As I was browsing through past Disneyland photos, I was taken aback by how similar some of the photos were from just a few years ago. Here’s Emma below on her first trip around King Triton’s Carousel.


And here we are almost four years later with Addie’s first whirl around. She was just as excited as Emma was. It was hard to get Addie off the whale. We stayed on the ride for three more turns before she finally let me pry her hands off the pole.


Now I’m wondering if Addie is going to be a daredevil like her big sister!

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  1. Addie is a little Emma, they look so much alike so much fun at Disneyland.

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