Disney YES – Cultivating Students for Greatness

One of the greatest success stories of the 20th century is Walt Disney’s career. Having gone bankrupt twice, moved to California with only $40 and a dream, and got turned away when he presented his first two ideas for talking cartoons, Disney was determined for greatness. That greatness, however, came with a price; he had to remain determined, develop his ideas, and think creatively and critically.


It’s one thing to look at Disney products, theme parks, movies, etc, and see only the success of the hard work. However, realizing the struggle, failure, and character it took to get it started is a great motivator to students who might otherwise look at it all and think they could never achieve great goals such as Disney did.

Students, however, are cultivated for greatness by seeing behind the flash and success of one of the world’s greatest pioneers. One of the quotes that was repeated several times the during my time observing Disney’s YES program was, “If I have ever seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” Sir Isaac Newton.

Not every student who attends a Disney YES program will be radically transformed. However, the seeds of greatness will definitely be planted. Those seeds will be there for educators to cultivate throughout the students’ educational careers. They may not even sprout until after college. However, they will be planted.

Disney YES

Check out the Disney YES program online to see which program you would like your students to be exposed to first. You’ll be glad you took a moment to consider the possibilities.

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