Disney YES (Youth Education Series)

This past week, I was honored to visit Disney’s Youth Education Series at Disneyland and California Adventure. Before this week, I was not aware they had this program. However, it’s been around since the opening of Disney World in the late 70’s. This is, unfortunately, one of Disney’s best kept secrets that needs to be shared with others.

Disney YES

Whether you’re in the teaching profession or a parent, maybe even a student, take some time to be amazed at the offerings you’ll find at http://www.DisneyYES.com. They have programs for elementary age all the way through college*.

Consider taking a trip outside the classroom to the happiest classroom on earth… a Disney theme park. They use their parks to take students through a variety of learning activities based on their attractions, their interactions with history, and experience developing leaders. You have a variety of learning opportunities to choose from: Performing Arts, Leadership, History and Science.

When students return to their regular classrooms, they will be ready to build on their Disney experience. However, some prefer to teach first, then take their students to Disney’s YES to reinforce what their students have learned. Whichever you choose, students of all ages will greatly benefit and be very grateful for this learning opportunity.

*The Disney YES program in California meets or exceeds state educational requirements and is an approved program.

To be continued…


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