2013 CHOC “Walk in the Park” at Disneyland

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Emma is finally at an age where we can sit down and talk to her about things that are really important. She asks more questions that we can answer. When I got an email about a “Walk in the Park” fundraiser at Disneyland, I knew this was something I wanted to do with Emma. We sat down and talked about why it was important to me that we do this together.


Hannah, Emma, Hailey, Logan and Luke at Disneyland 2011

It’s been a year ago this summer that dear Luke went to be with Jesus. It’s hard to understand childhood diseases and why so many children have to suffer. But it’s organizations like the Children’s Hospital of Orange County that support the well-being of children and keep them healthy.

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In an effort to raise money, Emma and I will be walking the CHOC “Walk in the Park” at Disneyland. We’ll walking together to celebrate the lives of children who have benefited from the services offered at CHOC Children’s, and in honor of those children who bravely lost their battle. This year, Emma and I will be walking in honor of Luke Johnston. You’ll see us wearing matching green tutus. Green was Luke’s favorite color.

The 2013 walk covers three miles through Disneyland and California Adventure, where “CHOC Walkers” get a special peek behind the magic before the parks open to the general public. At the end of the 5K walk, the event continues in the Downtown Disney where event sponsors, hospital support groups, shops and restaurants have special offers for walk participants.

If you would like to support CHOC, please donate to our team. No donation is too small, every cent counts.

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