The great clothing purge


I have a serious problem letting go of things. Especially clothes. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and my mother made a lot of our clothing. So I tend to hold on to things for a very long time. Looking through my closet, I realized 1989 was calling and wanted its fashion back. Plus, I have been using Stitch Fix lately, and can’t justify keeping any of their fabulous goodies if I don’t have room in my closet.


So, I did a huge clothing purge. I got rid of all but a third of my clothing, outerwear, and shoes. And? It feels great to get rid of so much stuff. A friend was actually looking for donations for women and children, so this was perfect timing.

photo 3

I have to admit, it was harder to get rid of some things than others. When I finally pulled out this gem, I had to STOP here.

No, really, stop.

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