Craft room revealed: A year later

A year ago, I started working on a DIY craft room project for our girls. Life happened and I realized I never shared the finish product. A little history… this had to be a low-cost DIY project. We were on a tight budget, and I needed to create this space for around $200. It had to be a multi-purpose space, meaning it was also going to be used for guests, sewing, and a play area for Addie. But I really wanted the girls to feel like this was their space.


We started the project with phase one by cleaning out the space. We had a lot of junk treasures to sell. This gave us a little more cash toward the overall budget. I gave myself one week to get this phase done. Once I had the space cleaned out, we started phase two. We painted an accent wall, picked out materials, and started looking into how we would accomplish the bigger ideas I had.


This space in this room was very dark and oddly shaped. I needed to find ways to utilize the space and brighten it up. I scoured the internet for easy ideas I knew I could do myself. I can sew, but I’m not an expert. I know how to build things, but I’m not a craftsman. I knew everything had to be fairly simple. I set my expectations low, and blew them out of the water.


We found an old door in the back of our garage that I used as a table top. We had an IKEA desk we were no longer using, so I used the desk legs for my table. I had two storage boxes that we weren’t using, so I made cushions for the tops and they’re now used as chairs and paper storage. The biggest project was the multi-purpose peg board. It was actually simple and turned out better than I had hoped. My husband actually ended up helping me on this one!


We bought a lot of our supplies at IKEA. Their kitchen department has a lot of gadgets and hooks and hanging bins that you can use for crafts. And you can’t beat the prices. They also have perfect storage units that are light enough for any wall space.


We were lucky enough to hit them up at a time when they had bright colors both girls love. The hanging cups are perfect for crayons, markers, and scrap paper recycling.


Our craft room is amazing. It’s the perfect space for the girls to make a mess, be creative, and experiment with new ideas. Over the last year, Emma has already spent countless hours in this space. She has created a lot of artwork, cutouts, collages, sculptures, and knitted items. She keeps exploring her curiosity daily.


I’m proud of this space. After a lot of re-arranging, we even ended up with a little reading nook both girls can enjoy.


We now have a much better play area for Addie. And we even kept the small guest space. We added photos of the girls, made a faux window over the play kitchen, and changed out the bedding and curtains to give it a complementary look.


I can’t even begin to tell you the gratification it has given all of us. Most of all, the girls. They both love coming downstairs knowing they get to play or make a huge mess. What was once the worst room in the house, is now the favorite room. This was the best family project we’ve ever done.


  1. Shari

    I love what you did with the craft area, and how you repurposed items for the girls to use here. The bright colors really do give the room a sense of creativity and happiness. Thanks for sharing the great ideas!

    1. Cam

      Thank you Shari! It was so much fun. It’s by far better than any toy out there! I’m so glad my girls love it so much.

  2. Send your project to DIY Magazine…good job!

  3. kimberly

    Such a great space! The girls must love it!

  4. Angela

    I LOVE this. We want to transition the “play room” into more of a craft/homework room, and I love how you really made this their room without breaking the bank.

  5. Vicky

    What an awesome space for creativity to be unleashed!

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