The tent, part three. And where I question my sanity

A few years ago, I wrote about coming home from a date night to an atrocious play tent in my living room. Grandma thought it was a great idea, and of course Emma loved it. She played with that tent for months. I was so happy when it finally fell apart.

Ugly Play Tent

However, another tent soon sprouted up. This time, it wasn’t so bad. But, I was still ecstatic to see it go.


Some say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I know this isn’t the true definition of insanity, but it sure feels like it around here.

Today, our third day into Summer break, I found myself searching Amazon for this:


Day 3, folks. What will day 33 look like? Or worse yet, day 68? Bottom line, we have two small kids. It’s summer in San Francisco, which means it’s usually cold and wet. We typically have more days inside than out. Although my goal is to get out as much as possible, and make this summer a fun learning experience, I know there will be days that I will be grateful I bought this tent.

They love play tents. And? I’m officially insane.

*Note: I did not buy THIS tent. I bought one too hideous to show you for the $20 I was willing to spend!


  1. Becky

    Aw now Cam, you know we need to see what one you actually did get!

  2. Tents are so much fun, but my apartment is much too small. The one I had for T when he was younger took up so much space. And I’d get lazy and just leave it up, consuming our living room, for days. I think we should see the one you DID get.

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