Top 5 must-have baby gifts

One of the most overwhelming details about having a baby is buying all of those much needed survival items. When I was pregnant with our first baby, I think we had over two hundred items on our baby registry. We didn’t know what we needed, so we put one of every item we could think of in our shopping cart.

It’s been six years since we had our first baby, and just over two years since we had our second. Needless to say, there are very few baby items that still exist in our home. But there are a few that we still use regularly. Consider these items “must-haves” for every mom and baby, and items that would make perfect gifts or additions to your own registry.

Baby Items

  1. The Ergobaby carrier: When we first got this as a baby shower gift, I was hesitant to use it. You know, because everyone was either using another kind of wrap or carrier. I had never heard of Ergo before. Little did I know that I’d be using the carrier for my newborn and a 4 year old in the same year. The max weight limit on the original carrier is 45 pounds. I can still put my oldest in it if I had to. Our Ergo is well worn and loved. I’m glad we get to hold on to it for a few more years.
  2. Comfy-Cozie Spot: This 6-inch round rice hot/cold pack saved me during my breastfeeding days. If I felt a lump or was sore, I’d heat that thing up and in 30 seconds I found instant relief. Last night, I found myself using it on a sore leg. These sell for $9. At this point, I think we should actually pay them to use it.
  3. Boogie wipes: I never thought I’d be one of those moms that has a wipe for everything. At some point, I became that mom. However, the one “wipe” that I refuse to give up is the Boogie Wipe. I use these for just about everything. I even used the grape scent with camomile when I had a fussy baby. You won’t find my purse without a pack.
  4. Taggies chime ball: I bought this ball in a desperate moment when my 3 month old wouldn’t stop crying. We were in a very expensive boutique and I grabbed it in a moment of insanity. Little did I know, both of my girls would love this ball. It’s super light, easy to wash, and has kept many babies happy around here.
  5. Vulli Sofie the Giraffe Teether: I held out buying into the Sofie trend. For about a week. Sofie is still very much loved around here. Not so much as a teether, but as a cute little Giraffe that the kids love to say was “theirs” at one time.

So next time you need a baby shower gift, think of something potentially long-lasting. I fondly think my friend Sheridan, of BabySips, who gave us the Ergo baby carrier and a Comfy-Cozie around the time we had our first baby. I would never have survived motherhood without those two items.

What items do you still have around your houses, even well after your babies have grown up?


  1. Roxanne

    Oh, gosh. I don’t have anything left from the baby days except a few special outfits and all the photos. Sofie wasn’t around (or, I hadn’t heard of her) when mine was little but now all of my friends seem to have her for their babies. She’s quite popular!

    1. Cam

      Sofie is one of my go-to baby gifts for sure. I think I’ll be a little sad when it’s time to say good-bye!

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