Using chalkboard paint on canvas to create a small sign

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This weekend I took Emma “yardsaling” with me. I was looking for used candle votives for a project and thought this was the perfect place to start looking for great deals on “used” candle holders. We went to several yard sales, she held her two-dollars close, and she scored a gently used dollhouse. The man sold it to her for a quarter. She was beyond thrilled.

I didn’t see anything I could use, but there was a box of “free” items. In it, I found a 4″x 1″ new canvas. I wasn’t going to walk away from that! I could see Emma creating a new masterpiece with that.


But, I had a different idea. I thought it was the perfect size to make a rustic chalk board. Something that could have one or two words of inspiration or use as a party sign.


I wasn’t sure the chalkboard paint would work well on the canvas, but it did. I used three coats and tested the chalk several times with different colors. In the end, all the colors showed up and I ended up with a cute sign.

Hello-Chalkbord Art

Here’s how to make a simple sign with chalkboard paint:

  1. Gather your supplies. Chalkboard paint, canvas, tape, a tray or newspaper, and foam brush.
  2. Tape off your edges. Whether you use clear tape or painters tape, the texture of the canvas will let some of the paint bleed through. I counted this as a bonus, since I wanted a rustic, hand-made look.
  3. Set your canvas on a tray or newspaper. Use your foam brush and paint inside the taped off areas. Let the paint dry for one full hour. After it dries, apply another coat of paint.
  4. Allow to dry for a full 24 hours. Once it’s dry, test your chalk. If you’re not getting sharp colors, clean off, and add another coat of paint. I needed a third coat of paint to get the right density and texture.
  5. Once you have the desired paint level, and the canvas is dry, remove the tape. Remember to write on the chalk-painted area only, otherwise the chalk color on your canvas won’t easily come off!


This was a fast, easy project. Emma even helped with the painting. What other things have you painted using chalkboard chalk? Now that I know how fun and easy it it, I think I might go paint an entire wall!


  1. I made T a bow-tie rack using a simple piece of wood and chalkboard paint. It’s so much fun!

    1. Cam

      I think I might be obsessed with chalkboard paint. We’ll see how my latest projects turn out!

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