Mickey Valentine treats

Valentines Day at Disneyland

My girls love Valentine’s Day. I think it has everything to do with the color pink and their love of anything sweet.

Pink Mickey Balloons

Last year, we spent Valentine’s Day at Disneyland. This year, we’ll just miss the holiday by a week or so.

Mickey and Minnie Valentine Cookies

I loved making the Mickey and Minnie heart cookies last year, and wanted to make something fun again this year. We all love Rice Krispy treats, so Mickey Mouse shaped treats it was.

Rice Krispies

These treats were probably the first dessert I ever made on my own. They are super easy and timeless.


I think as a kid, I loved being able to measure out the three ingredients. Always adding extra marshmallows, because several get lost along the way.

Mickey cookie cutter shapes

Rice Krispy treats make really good cookie cutter cut-outs.

Mickey treats

The hardest part about making these treats, is letting them cool just enough to eat, but retain their gooeyness.

melting chocolate

If you still have some left over to decorate, get some melting chocolate and sprinkles ready to transform them into Mickey Valentine’s treats. Just like the ones they sell in the parks.


Melt the chocolate and have your sprinkles ready. Using a spoon, or an application bottle, paint your Micky with white chocolate. Enough that your sprinkles will stick.

Iced Mickey cut outs

Cover your Mickey shapes with colored sprinkles. The more you coat with the chocolate melts, the more your sprinkles will stick.

Sprinkled Mickey Shapes

We have several people who love Disney and treats. I packaged these up for some neighbors. Of course there were plenty at home for us too.


We couldn’t be at Disneyland for Valentine’s day, so we brought Disneyland to us! Do you have a special Valentine treat you like to share? What is your go-to treat?

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  1. What a fun idea! I have that same cookie cutter so I could do this too. Maybe next year – or green sprinkles for St. Patrick’s Day

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