Crafting with Perler beads

Crafting with Perler Beads

I walked in my daughters playroom today and found a huge mess on her craft table. Beads were everywhere. But before I could lose my mind, I noticed how many really awesome things she’s created with Perler beads. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using these beads, just wait. They are tiny little things that I have the worst time getting ahold of. But for little fingers? They’re fantastic.

Peeler bead kit

She spends hours making fun little bead art and gives them away to anyone who will take one. On our recent home remodel, she made individual gifts for all the guys working on our house who have since become family. She’s taken these to school on her “share day” and now has her entire class hooked on making fun bead art. Some of these kids really knock it out of the park with their original designs.

Perler beads

If you have a birthday coming up, be warned. You are going to get her newest creation that she happen to see while I was scrolling on Pinterest. She’s making cup toppers that look like watermelon and lemon slices.


Do I love these beads? Not really, I am constantly stepping on them. Thankfully they don’t hurt as badly as the other plastic toys. But I love the hours of fine motor skills and endless creativity my daughter is exposed to.


We’re just at the beginning of summer, this is a great way to keep your kids busy too. You can find these beads at any craft store or on Amazon. I recommend the activity bucket to get you started.

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