Wednesday Wants: Things I found on eBay

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a stroll down the eBay path. But recently I fell down the rabbit hole when I went searching for those really cute Victoria Beckham kid dresses. You know, the ones Target put out and they were sold out in 2.2 seconds. Of course I found all the dresses… Channel handbags… Kendra Scott jewelry… books for my kids… you name it, it’s on eBay!

I’ve shared my Wednesday Wants here before but here are a few things I found on eBay this week…

Victoria Beckham Target collection for girls: I’m not even going to point you to the women’s collection but these dresses for girls are adorable. I’ve had my eye on the “bee cap sleeve” dress but not sure my girls will wear bees. It’s a little freaky, but it’s gorgeous at the same time. If a bee is not your thing either, they have some beautiful styles. Especially if you have a wedding weekend or Mother’s day plans.

The Victoria Beckham kids line at Target is a dream.

Kendra Scott Collection: So I got a Kendra Scott bracelet in my PopSugar box a few months ago. I have worn it often and I believe it’s the only bracelet I own. Since then, I’ve been in love with her collection. You can get some really great pieces on eBay. Not only can you grab a deal on the jewelry, but eBay has an even bigger collection that in most stores.

The Kendra Scott jewelry line is on point and has a ton of awesome pieces.

Magic Treehouse Books: This weekend was rainy and I wasn’t about to go outside, let alone the library. I did however realized we have all the Magic Treehouse books and some are still waiting for their pages to be turned. I also realized how awesome these books are and everyone with young reads should own them. They’re the time of book that has so many details, reading them over and over again is a new adventure.

The Magic Tree House series is perfect for young readers.

Speaking of the rain…not only did I fall down a rabbit hole last week, but I haven’t been able to climb back out. Long story short, I was trying to figure out VAT for our upcoming Europe trip and ended up watching youtube videos of women showing off their gorgeous handbag collection. True story. In doing so, I fell in love with several Channel bags.  I have one designer handbag that I’ve had for almost ten years so the chances of me buying a bag like this is slim. But someone should own it, just not me.

Chanel Black Lambskin Vintage Maxi Single Flap Bag: What dreams are made of apparently.

And then I had my mind blown away. If you know me, you know that I collect cake plates. I have a lot of them and take time to rotate them in and out. Cake plates bring me joy. I have no shame in telling you that I have a huge collection and it is always growing. So you can only imagine my shock and awe when I saw this…

Can you believe this 6 in 1 cake dome? My mind is blow that I have never thought of this sooner!

Have you ever seen this? Because I have not. And my mind is still blown away that I didn’t think of this sooner.  A salad? Punch? In a cake plate? How is this possible? Well apparently they sell this 6-in-1 Cake Plate Optic Domed Cake Stand with Dome Glass to do all the things. Do I want one?  Yes, please!

So now that I’ve wasted spent a good 20 hours online looking at things I really don’t need, you don’t have to. Come back next Wednesday to find out what path I have followed next.


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