My Life List

What’s your dream? We all have them, but do will we get to accomplish everything we want to do in life? I find myself saying, “I’d love to do that one day.” So why not start a list and make it happen?

That’s just what a friend of mine did several years ago. Maggie, of Mighty Girl, set out to create a Mighty Life List of 100 things she’d like to do before she dies. She’s turned that dream into a revolution and launched Go Mighty for the rest of us to follow our dreams. I’ve always thought that having a “bucket list” is a great idea. I’ve recently updated my list to include more things I’d like to do with my family.

Do you have a list? Think about all the things you’d love to do with your life and make a list!

  1. Travel through the German Christmas Market
  2. Attend #DSMMoms Conference
  3. Finish my Good Reads book list
  4. Take a hip-hop class
  5. Dine at Club 33 at Disneyland
  6. Visit Martha’s Vineyard in the summer
  7. Fly anxiety free
  8. Donate $500 to Charity Water for my 40th birthday
  9. Volunteer at Glide
  10. Ride the London Eye
  11. Read the Bible in a year
  12. Take a grammar class
  13. Use my camera off Auto mode
  14. Go rock climbing
  15. Jump on a trampoline
  16. Run a half marathon
  17. Eat gluten-free for a month
  18. Spend the night at the Ritz Half Moon Bay
  19. Hike a part of the PCT
  20. Can my own veggies
  21. Color my gray hair
  22. Start a soup kitchen
  23. Meet my aunt in person
  24. Fund someone’s dream
  25. Tour colleges with my girls
  26. Go camping, in a tent
  27. Understand “lift”
  28. Learn French and Italian
  29. Play the piano
  30. Eat Fois Groie
  31. Live in NYC again
  32. Learn how to knit
  33. Go on a yoga retreat
  34. Dine at the French Laundry
  35. Renew our wedding vows
  36. Blog at least once a week for a year
  37. Buy a stranger coffee
  38. Teach the girls how to ride a bike
  39. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  40. Go on a Safari
  41. Visit all 50 states
  42. Try stand up paddle-boarding
  43. Zip line through trees
  44. Declare a favorite flower
  45. Ride every attraction at Disneyland
  46. Go one month without TV
  47. Try all 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins
  48. Own a Beachcomer bike
  49. Take a cooking class
  50. Drive down the West Coast
  1. Build a fire, Survivor style
  2. Have a peaceful working space
  3. Take the girls sledding
  4. Have a home with a wrap around porch
  5. Run a 5k
  6. See the Northern Lights
  7. Remove my tattoo
  8. Play golf on a regular basis
  9. Go to 10 SF Giants games in a season
  10. Take the girls to the Nutcracker
  11. Name all the US Presidents
  12. Rent a house in Europe for a month
  13. Experiencing Out Standing In The Field
  14. Go go-cart racing
  15. Plant a garden
  16. Have college funds for the girls
  17. Play craps in Vegas
  18. Help at a food bank
  19. Deliver Meals-on-Wheels
  20. Make a yearly photo books
  21. Take the train through Europe
  22. Visit Auschwitz
  23. Make my own bread from scratch
  24. Have a functional backyard
  25. Visit my sister in DC
  26. Attend a Luau with the girls
  27. Watch every episode of Friends
  28. See Fleetwood Mac in concert
  29. Make the girls matching dresses
  30. Wear white jeans
  31. Bake the perfect apple pie
  32. Own a vintage Pucci dress
  33. Learn how to make gravy
  34. Write a Disney tips eBook
  35. Make a quilt out of the girl’s old clothes
  36. Make morning buns like Tartine
  37. Go horseback riding
  38. Take a photo a day for a year
  39. Meet my blogging friends, in real life
  40. Visit an Irish pub, in Ireland
  41. Hold a real panda
  42. Visit the California Redwoods
  43. Learn to Waltz
  44. Have a front porch swing
  45. Exercise every day for 3 months
  46. Adopt a pet from a shelter
  47. Visit the Grand Canyon
  48. Tour the White House
  49. Learn how to play Bocci ball
  50. Have a picnic in Central Park
  51. Design my own kitchen
  52. Read a book a month for a year

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