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Disneyland at 15 months old

Addie is now the same age as Emma was on her very first trip to Disneyland. Addie has been several times now, but hasn’t enjoyed the rides yet. This last trip, things changed. Addie is now following in her sister’s foot steps.

When we got home, I uploaded our photos. As I was browsing through past Disneyland photos, I was taken aback by how similar some of the photos were from just a few years ago. Here’s Emma below on her first trip around King Triton’s Carousel.

IMG_0433 continued

Happy Birthday Addison!

Our sweet baby girl is ONE YEAR OLD today! We have been so lucky. Addie is the sweetest baby. She’s happy all the time. Her big sister,¬†Emma, is her favorite person in the world. She eats anything, which is awesome. She is full of energy, and always on the move. She just started standing up on her own yesterday, and her development is progressing every day now. Nothing is safe anymore. Even the dog runs from her now.

Happy Birthday Addison! We love you!

Addie at 10 months

With Emma, we chronicled every month of her life. We took photos, wrote blog posts, and never missed a month.

Here we are today, Addie is ten months old. Looking back at Emma, I realized that the similarities between the two are uncanny. However, their personalities couldn’t be more different.


Addie is a little behind Emma in her physical development. Emma was cruising around and standing on her own at this point. Addie is hilarious. We know she wants to move around and stand up. However, she’d much rather have you do the work. She’s growing and strong so we’re not worried. We know she will keep us on our toes soon enough. continued

Sweet Addison

Our sweet Addie is 6 months old. How did that happen? Our preemie is now thriving. She is huge, in a good way. She has those squishy, chubby, roll after roll, arms and legs. She laughs, a lot. She is happy. She makes all of us smile.

She rarely naps, loves peas and carrots, and her favorite person is her sister, Emma. We’re off to a good start.

Happy half-birthday Addison!

Twitter shirts!

It’s a good thing it’s Wordless Wednesday around here because these two are too cute for words! Thanks to @Twitter for the fun shirts!

*Two seconds after this picture was taken, Addie projectile vomited all over Em. Em was not happy. I told her this wouldn’t be the first time she’d get mad at her sister! #SisterLove

Welcome, Addison

It has been a month since I we gave birth to our beautiful, sweet Addie. Everyone has a birth story, and Addison is no different. I have been avoiding her birth story for several reasons. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I had a very hard time with my pregnancy. I thought for sure I’d have a break with my delivery, but that didn’t happen. Having a preemie might be a whole other blog post. But I’ve also waited to tell her story because I wanted to find the positive and beauty in welcoming her to the world. I want to remember the good and hope that the bad has faded by now. continued

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