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Traveling to Europe: How to pack for a long vacation

We are just under thirty days away from our big trip to Europe. I’ve talked about how 2017 was going to be an adventure, and we’re actually following through with it. Europe, here we come. My mom will be taking care of our dog, house guest coming to visit (even though we won’t be here) and a new alarm that I’m sure will go off several times because my mother can’t remember the code. All that being said, people keep asking me how we are going to pack for a long vacation when traveling to Europe this summer.

Traveling to Europe: How to pack for a long vacation. continued

The great clothing purge


I have a serious problem letting go of things. Especially clothes. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, and my mother made a lot of our clothing. So I tend to hold on to things for a very long time. Looking through my closet, I realized 1989 was calling and wanted its fashion back. Plus, I have been using Stitch Fix lately, and can’t justify keeping any of their fabulous goodies if I don’t have room in my closet. continued

New Disney Apparel By Jumping Beans at Kohl’s

Getting ready for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I was eager to have the girls in matching outfits. I think this will be the last year I can get away with it, and I love it when they match.

Kohl’s recently launched classic Mickey and Minnie Disney apparel by Jumping Beans. Looking over the new collection, you can dress your kids in cute Mickey and Minnie inspired clothing.



A Little Bird Dress Giveaway

A few days ago, my friend Paula sent me an adorable dress for Addie. She’s been very busy over at A Little Bird Dress and Things. She makes adorable baby, toddler, and children clothing. Not to mention, head bands, hair clips, and can even monogram your items. I’m guessing she can make just about anything. Addie is adorable in her little dress and hair clip!

I begged asked Paula if she’d be willing to giveaway one of her cute creations. She was super happy to do it. I know you guys love giveaways, and I think you’ll love these dresses. continued

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