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The trial run

On Saturday night, I wasn’t feeling very well. My back really hurt, a lot more than usual. After dinner, I went to bed, I think around 6:45 or so. I laid in bed, but couldn’t get comfortable. This little girl was all over the place. I had never felt her moving so much. Doug came to bed at 10:00 and went right to sleep. That’s about when I felt what I thought were contractions. These were very different then what I had experienced with Emma. She was text book. These contractions were actually in the center of my belly and went up into my chest. I laid there for two hours before I woke Doug up. I wanted to make sure I was really feeling something.

We called the doctor and they told us to come to the hospital. The hospital where we want to deliver (same as the one where Emma was born) is a 40 minute drive south, so we left immediately. Taking nothing with us, of course. We jokingly talked about our “trial run” and said it might be a good idea to be more prepared next time. When we got there, the nurses were ready for us. They immediately strapped on my monitors, administered an IV to get fluids going, and confirmed that I was having contractions. I was 1cm dilated, but the baby was fine. She was 100% head down, which was a huge change from last week when she was breach. This might explain the acrobatics going on earlier that evening.

The Labor and Delivery nurse explained the game plan from my doctor. We would up the Nifedipine I had been taking to 20mg every 4 hours and start Terbutaline. AKA, drug strait from HELL. I had all of the side effects associated with the Terbutaline. Including my heart rate soaring to 160bpm. They couldn’t tell my heart rate from the baby so it was a little challenging for a while. For someone with anxiety, let me tell you, this was no party. The extreme side effects lasted for about 2 hours. I was a wreck trying to hold it together when the hot and cold flashes started coming on. At about 3:00am, Doug was exhausted, so I told him to get some sleep since I had nurses there to help me get through it. There was nothing more he could do for me except watch me freak out.

Unfortunately, nothing was working. My contractions were constant, one right after the other. They decided to give me Betamethatsone for fetal lung development. It’s a two-part injection. So they gave me one then, and another 12 hours later. After seeing my reaction to the Terbutaline, they wanted to wait as long as possible to try anything else. Plus they were hoping the increase in Nifedipine would kick in. The pain from my contractions was never very bad, just uncomfortable with a lot of pressure. I was still at 1cm, so I was very stable. I love that there was never any talk of a c-section. Pre-term babies need as much time as possible. Plus a vaginal delivery helps healthy pre-term babies with lung development.

There was never any panic. We knew we were both safe. We just really didn’t want to have the baby yet. By 7:00am, they brought in the big ultrasound machine to get a better idea of the weight, position, and overall health of the baby. I’m amazed at how much things have changed in just under four years. They confirmed she was on top of my cervix, in position for delivery. They were also able to see she was simulating breathing on her own. This was awesome to know that her lungs were working as if she was outside already. They also gave us an estimated birth weight of 5.2 lbs (plus or minus 12 oz) that was a huge relief. Knowing that if she did indeed come, she would be fine.

This was when we decided to hold off on any more drugs. I was so grateful to skip the Magnesium Sulfate. I was still a jittery mess from earlier and that magnesium wasn’t going to help my cause. We continued the Nifedipine and my doctor was coming into see me at 3:00pm when they were going to give me the second phase of the steroid injection. After having stable contractions for over 20 hours, he felt pretty good about sending me home. Every time they had checked my cervix it was still stable as well. As long as I promised to stay in bed, and no more Sunday drives, I could go home. As nervous and we were to leave, we were really eager to see Emma.

Now, we wait… Both baby and I are very loopy. She is in a nice comfortable position and isn’t moving nearly as much as she used to. This is letting me get a little more sleep. I am still having the contractions, but nothing more than usual. I’m still on the progesterone injections, so that might be helping too. One thing about labor and delivery I’ve learned through this, nothing is predictable.

Unless my water breaks, my next appointment is on Thursday. As always, we love good thoughts and prayers sent our way. This has been such a long pregnancy with so many ups and downs. I’m in a much better mental place today. Bed rest doesn’t seem to be such a big deal anymore. I know that things can change anytime. I’m just going to roll with the punches.

Our next big plan, get a diaper bag and overnight bag together. Keep doing the Progesterone injections, taking the Nifedipine every four hours, and the best part… doctor’s orders for a half a glass of wine each night before I go to bed. This is why I love our doctor!

Week 32, where I fall apart

It’s been a really hard week around here. My mom came down with the flu last Friday. She’s never sick so it’s a huge blow when she does come down with something. We knew we relied on her help, we just didn’t know how much. Our friends have been great at offering to help with Emma but yesterday our plans fell apart leaving me to care for Emma alone.

I knew this was going to have an effect on my doctors appointment today. As hard as I tried to stay down, it’s really hard with a 3.5 year old. I wasn’t able to call anyone for help since my “help” kept telling me she’d be here. My help never arrived and I was kicking myself all afternoon.

When we saw the doctor today it was evident that I had become much worse. I’m basically back where I was a few weeks ago. He has doubled my Nifedipine, hoping it will help quite a bit. He also wants to see me flat on my back. We’ll reevaluate our situation again on Monday. Fingers crossed, my mom will be in better shape by this weekend.

To shake things up around here, I’ve been having nosebleeds lately. This is most likely because of the Nifedipine. If they continue my doctor is going to send me to a specialist to stop the bleeds. I’m really hoping the increase in Nifedipine will not have an effect on my nose any more than what’s currently going on.

Today was a little much for me. I’ll admit, I cried a lot. The reality of another 4 weeks of bed rest is setting in and I’m not too thrilled about it.

I understand the reasons.

I know the baby is better off where she is.

I get this. I do.

But I don’t have to like it.

Week 31, where I do the happy dance.

A few things about today’s doctor appointment. It was confirmed, my doctor likes Doug better. But I’m grateful. After spending over an hour in the waiting room, then another fifteen minutes in the exam room, we found out my doctor had to leave for an emergency c-section. I heard him tell the nurse to reschedule all of us who were waiting.  Not really what we wanted to hear after our 45 minute drive. It wasn’t until he saw Doug walking down the hall that he decided to squeeze us in before he left.

I’m still doing well for our situation. We are officially 31 week so things are good. He’s told me at my last two appointments that it looks like we have a “big, healthy baby.” I’m thrilled about the healthy part but not too excited about the “big” part. Overall, we feel we’re officially on the downhill side of things. The best news from my appointment today, he’s pretty sure I’ll be off bed rest at week 34. That’s only 3 weeks away folks! He even said I could attend our preschool auction in early March. He did caution me though, I won’t have the strength and energy as I did 10 weeks ago. In other words, I’ll most likely be sporting a wheelchair until I get my strength back.

In other good news, my recliner arrived today. I’m now able to enjoy the rest of the family in the living room. This is most likely where I’ll try sleeping too since it’s become impossible to sleep through the night.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all your thought and prayers. Hopefully I’ll be seeing all of you in just a few short weeks!

Week 30 update

Today we had an interesting doctor appointment. I didn’t get horrible news but was told that things are changing. We can expect this the farther along I get. Each week that goes by is a big plus, but I’ll most likely be changing a little more for the worse each week. Still, nothing to worry about at this point. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing, I really can’t do any more than that. We are just happy we made it to week 30. Now it seems like we are on the downhill side of things.

I did get some good news. He might let me off bed rest closer to 34 weeks than 36. He knows I’m really struggling mentally and thinks it would be best for me at this point. I’m not to get my hopes up, it was a “might” but at least that’s something to hold onto for now.

More good news, my new recliner will be here next week. Sleeping has become next to impossible. The Nifedipine makes it to where I really can’t lay down anymore. Even with the medications that are suppose to help, I am still getting sick each time I try.  I really hope having the recliner will help. At this point, i’ll try just about anything.

Well, here’s to another week down. 40 more days of bed rest to go! Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers!

One step forward, two steps back

For the most part, we had a good visit with our doctor yesterday. First off, we are still stable. That’s the good news. Our doctor is very relieved. But there was some confusion on my due date and how far along I really am.

I’ve been looking forward to the 30 week mark for the last few weeks. 30 weeks was our soft goal. Both Doug and I have been anticipating the 30 week mark since this journey began. Today however, my doctor said I was 28 weeks. I couldn’t believe what he was saying and I started to have an anxiety attack. Seeing my panic we went through my entire chart. He wanted to give us the  most accurate due date possible so we have realistic expectations.  We finally agreed that I was in fact farther along than 28 weeks, but not yet 30.

As of today, we are 29 weeks and 2 days. We will continue everything as we’ve been doing, including 100% bed rest. At this point it has to be ok because it’s what is working the best.

Now I lay here and wait for Sunday to come around. Just so we can hit our 30 week goal…again!

Bowman family update

It’s been a very long time since we have posted anything around here. I guess life has taken hold and we just haven’t had time. I have been busy with both websites FrugalDay and NoThankYouPlease (now GrowingUpGoofy). Doug has been working really hard at Twitter.

Unfortunately, our journey in life has forced us to slow down. Well, mine anyway. Many of you know we are expecting a second baby girl mid-April. A few weeks ago we found out she is very eager to arrive a lot sooner than later. I’m on many medications, injections and full time bed rest to try to keep her in as long as possible. After two weeks of bad news, we were told that I am stable for now. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing. Which for me, that means absolutely nothing!

I’ve posted two older posts today from GrowingUpGoofy. This will give you a better idea of what’s been happening the last couple of weeks. For now, FrugalDay is on the back burner. It’s actually a huge relief. Many might think “bed rest” would give me a lot of time to get things done but it’s been quite the opposite. It’s actually a very lonely process that is wearing on me more and more each day.

We go to the doctor every Monday for our progress report. We will be posting updates as we get them. Right now we just ask for prayers that I get to stay home for the remainder of the pregnancy and won’t have to move into the hospital anytime soon.

When life gives you lemons…

“Everyone gets to experience some kind of challenge or heartache during their life.” Words from Doug when I was really down. Words that were suppose to reassure me. Because the words I had heard from my doctor, just a few minutes prior, didn’t leave me feeling reassured.

I don’t know why, I just assumed that my second pregnancy would be just as normal as the first. Em was textbook, just a little early. I’ve heard of women having complications, but I never thought I would be one of them. continued

Easter egg hunt at the zoo

This weekend, we took Emma to the San Francisco Zoo for their annual Easter party and egg hunt. If you can’t tell from the photos below, she had lots of fun, particularly hopping like a rabbit in any of the five (!) bouncy houses that were set up in the meadow.

First time Emma has been excited to see a life-size character. (Past run-ins with Santa haven’t gone too well yet.)

So excited that she wanted to give him a big hug before we said goodbye.

She didn’t like jumping in the bouncy house, did she?

Hoping along the grass with a giant red ball – something she didn’t want to stop.

Tossing rings onto a cactus for prizes.

Emma showing off the results of her Easter egg hunting skills.

And finally, a few rounds on the carousel, where Emma shows she knows how to have a good time!

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