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Holiday cheer with Marley’s coffee

Marley coffee

One of the best times of the year is when we can all get together, sit down, and catch up. Over the holidays, a group of us were able to do just that, thanks to Marley Coffee. Nichole, from In These Small Moments, came to my house and we hosted a “Holiday Cheer with Marley Coffee” party. continued

Today’s the day, BlogHer is here!

I’ll be Tweeting at #BlogHer11!I don’t think I’ve felt this much excitement in a long time. I feel like I’m going to Disneyland for the first time. That’s pretty much what BlogHer is for women bloggers. I’ve read so many posts on what to wear, what not to wear, what shoes you must have, how you should act, how you shouldn’t act, who’s session is a must see, I’ve read it all.

Now the day is finally here and I’m so nervous. continued

I’m going to BlogHer!

Did someone say BlogHer? Oh yes, I did. I’ve had BlogHer envy for years. This year, I’m going to BlogHer! It’s really getting hard for me to contain my excitement.

BlogHer is a conference for women bloggers (and a few brave men,) who want to learn new ideas, network with brands and just have a great time. There are amazing speakers, food, freebies and parties. Most of all, I’m excited to be sans toddler for a few hours each day meeting new friends and catching up with others.

Are you going to BlogHer this year? I’d love to meet you. BlogHer is just around the corner and I’d love to connect with you before we go! Leave a comment with your @twitter handle so I can follow you! You can find me @cambowman!

Easter egg hunt at the zoo

This weekend, we took Emma to the San Francisco Zoo for their annual Easter party and egg hunt. If you can’t tell from the photos below, she had lots of fun, particularly hopping like a rabbit in any of the five (!) bouncy houses that were set up in the meadow.

First time Emma has been excited to see a life-size character. (Past run-ins with Santa haven’t gone too well yet.)

So excited that she wanted to give him a big hug before we said goodbye.

She didn’t like jumping in the bouncy house, did she?

Hoping along the grass with a giant red ball – something she didn’t want to stop.

Tossing rings onto a cactus for prizes.

Emma showing off the results of her Easter egg hunting skills.

And finally, a few rounds on the carousel, where Emma shows she knows how to have a good time!

Emma turns 2!

Wow! Our baby girl is 2. I really can’t believe how fast the time goes by. She has become every bit of a two year old, full of sugar and spice! This year we had a low key birthday party for her. She had a great time with a few friends and family. Thank you to all of you who celebrated Emma’s 2nd birthday safari with us!


Our cupcake queen!

Emma had a cupcake on her 1st birthday but she really wasn’t that excited about it. This year, she was a pro! After several birthday parties, Emma can hold her own with a good cupcake. We let her have two on her birthday. Here she is on her 1st birthday and after cupcake #2 on her 2nd birthday!

Happy 4th!

Ok, so technically, we’re one day late in wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July. But it took some time to get the photos off the camera.

Emma walked in her first parade yesterday. She and her friend, Charlotte, had fully decorated Radio Flyer walker wagons that they pushed in the Menlo Park 4th of July parade. Actually, Emma rode in hers most of the time. These two little girls and their two wagons were the hit of the parade. Everyone who saw them gushed with adoring smiles. We heard lots of “oohs” and “aahs” and “isn’t that the cutest thing in the whole wide world?!” the entire parade route. Lots of fun had by all. continued

I am engaged!

I still can’t believe that I am getting married to Douglas Bowman. I know a lot of you are in shock as well. For those of you who don’t know, I met Doug at Point Loma the second week in July 1992. I was at Point Loma for my freshman orientation. Doug was a big man on campus helping out with the activities. I guess you can say I fell instantly in “like” with him. continued

Georges at the Cove

After I proposed to Cam last night, we drove up to La Jolla where I had dinner reservations at Georges awaiting our arrival. We had a lovely dinner, probably warmed by the glow of our happiness over the engagement. This, despite the fact that our waiter initially brought out the wrong steaks, which he had to take back to the kitchen and have the chef start over. continued

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