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2016: Where do we go from here?

Happy New Year! Yep, it’s January 18th and I’ve been silent for a very long time around here. Mainly because I haven’t been sure about what I want to do with this space. For many of us, 2016 was a year full of high’s and low’s. From the election, health issues, changing ventures, and moving again… I just don’t know where to begin. So I won’t. I would prefer to sweep it all under the rug and focus on what’s to come. Goodbye 2016… at times, you were not the best. Which brings me to 2017… continued

Welcome to Disneyland

Recently, my family and I had the privilege of accompanying friends on their first visit to Disneyland. Although their visit was short, I know we all had an amazing time. If you’re contemplating a trip to Disneyland, this year is a great time to go. Disneyland is thriving with new features, and with several recent renovations, it’s better than ever. The entire resort has lots to offer everyone from ages 1 to 101. continued

Visiting Scottsdale Arizona: Food, Fun and Family

I’ve never been to Scottsdale. This year, we decided to head out to the Arizona desert to watch our World Series Champions, the San Francisco Giants, for a Spring Training game. This was the perfect time for us to experience Scottsdale, see our favorite team play ball, and visit family. What a great weekend!


Disneyland Hotels: Paradise Pier

We’ve had many friends travel to Disneyland, and many have asked us where we stay. They are typically surprised to find out that we have stayed on-site almost every time. We stayed off-site once, and discovered the value in staying closer. Many find it hard to believe that staying on-site might be more affordable. Before you book your next trip, find out about each hotel. If budget is a factor, explore Paradise Pier.

There are three hotels on-site at the Disneyland Resort: Paradise Pier, The Disneyland Hotel, and the Grand Californian. There is a big difference in price and amenities amongst the three hotels. Paradise Pier is the most affordable, Disneyland Hotel is moderate in price, and the Grand is on the higher end.


Ride the Ducks: San Francisco

There is so much to see in San Francisco. We’ve lived here many years now and I can honestly say that even I haven’t seen it all. We recently had the opportunity to “Ride the Ducks” through San Francisco and I couldn’t wait to take my family on the adventure.


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

January – Nana and Papa Bowman visited from Florida. Unfortunatly, Emma got Roseola so we spent a lot of time indoors. We still managed to take Nana and Papa to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, one of Emma’s favorite places. She got to show them all her latest tricks and had a great visit.

February – Emma is officially a year and a half old! We can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. We can barely keep up with Emma anymore. She is running around like crazy and starting to use a lot more words. Cam’s mom finally sold her house and is moving to San Francisco.

March – We were suppose to head to San Diego, but Doug got the flu. Emma and momma made new friends in the neighborhood and had fun play dates each week. Emma has two new friends her age, and it’s fun to see them walking around the neighborhood.

April – Cam’s mom is now living full time in San Francisco. Emma nicknamed her “MiMi” and loves having her around. Doug also had his first accident on his scooter, causing all of us to have heart failure! Life is never dull in the Bowman household.

May – We spent Mother’s Day in Las Vegas. Had a great time with our friends Nick and Yvonne who were also there. We had a great time at Mandalay Bay where they have an amazing shark exhibit. But wouldn’t you know it, this time, Emma got the flu. We spent the later part of the trip taking turns watching over Emma and helping her recover.

June – Let the birthday parties begin! Emma had a ton of fun visiting her friends T & N for their 2nd birthdays. They are the first in the baby group to hit the 2’s! Father’s day was also fun this year with both Doug’s b-day and Father’s Day occurring on the same day! We has a fun filled weekend of celebrating.

July – July was a really busy month. We went to Seattle for a conference where Doug spoke, and then over to Spokane to see Cam’s Aunt C and Cousin K and family. It was a great trip. Emma fell in love with her cousins and can’t wait to visit them again. Cam’s niece also came to visit and spent 3 weeks with us. Emma loves having her here. She would yell every morning for “Chy-Chy” to “GET UP” and come play with Emma!

August – Happy Birthday Emma! We now have a 2 yr old. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe. Emma had a jungle safari birthday party with all her friends. It was a great time. We had lion, tiger, and monkey cupcakes going around. I think Emma actually ate two full cupcakes that day. Grandma B came from Ohio, and Emma had a blast. We also bought a new home and Emma started her first soccer class.

September – Moving day is here! Emma has now lived in 4 different bedrooms in her short 2 years! We spent a lot of time getting the “NEW HOUSE!” ready and Emma declared “No more OLD house!” Emma is also loving soccer and having a great time when we’re not rained out. This has been one of the worst summers in SF history. We spent a lot of time seeking out the sun by driving about 30 minutes south to a park. We still managed to have a great time.

October – We continued on with soccer, but switched to a weekend time so Doug could take Emma. He loves taking her. Emma is really starting to show her real spirit. Who knew we had such a huge baseball fan? Emma cheered on the SF Giants all the way to the World Series. She would yell “Go Giants Go!” It was awesome. We also held the first annual “Bowman Halloween Bash” for the neighborhood. It was a huge hit. We have gotten to know so many people, and feel so fortunate to live in this friendly neighborhood.

November – Another busy month for us. We flew to NYC for another of Doug’s conferences, and met up with Emma’s BFF Charlotte. We had such a great time. The girls were so fun to watch. It was another tearful good-bye until we get to see them again in the Spring. Cam’s sister and family came for Thanksgiving in our new house. We also had Cheyenne here too. Emma had fun playing with her 3 yr old cousin Sienna, and giving Cheyenne a hard time again. We took a trip to Cal Academy with the whole crew of us, fun times!

December – Soccer was rained out all month. We still managed to get in some fun play groups though. Christmas came too quickly but it was fun to have Grandma B from Ohio here for a visit. Between Grandma B, Nana and Papa, and Grandma Mimi, Emma was very spoiled this year. We got Emma a new tricycle and we’ve been spending every sunny moment outside. We had a Disneyland trip planned for after Christmas that turned into a nightmare. We drove to Southern California on Wednesday, but had to return two days later after we all got sick. Needless to say, that was the beginning of the end for the Bowman’s. We all ended up sick for the next two weeks, ringing in a very sad New Year.

Good bye, 2010! Here’s hoping 2011 brings lot of joy, laughter, and fun times ahead.


We’ve been to Bouchon in Las Vegas — but that was for brunch on a Sunday morning. This was our chance to test Keller’s Napa version for a true dinner. We made reservations 2 months in advance to make sure we got in during our Napa vacation. Afterward, we walked away pleasantly content after a delicious multi-course meal and a polished French dining experience. continued

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