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We have a jumper!

The first few weeks with her new exercise jumper, Emma wasn’t sure what to make of it. She would grab some of the toys, teethe them a little, and entertain herself for about five minutes, tops. In fact, the first time we put her in this thing, she could barely reach the floor, even though we had it set on the lowest position, closest to floor.

As of this week, she discovered the true purpose of this massive device that takes up so much of our free living room space: playing with the toys and, at the same time, jumping!

The Great Nap Protest

Cam tried to let Emma take a nap in her crib today, just like she’s done on other days. But naps in the crib just aren’t happening. Emma likes to roll over too much from her back to her tummy. And as you can see here, she’s getting quite good at it. But she can’t roll from her tummy to her back yet. Once she’s on her tummy, she’s not always comfortable. So the rollover usually ends in crying or screaming until we get her on her back again. Then the whole cycle repeats. Over and over. And over. And over. Good thing she’s cute, right?

(Oh, and did we mention she’s learning to make interesting sounds by blowing through pursed lips? You’ll see and hear those in the video too.)

Sweet potatoes for our sweet potato

Emma is eating like a champ! We’ve been giving her rice cereal for about two weeks now, and wanted to try something new. At the beginning of the week, I made a batch of pureed sweet potatoes for her to try. She loves it! Today was her third day eating sweet potatoes, and she ate every last bit.

Now we just have to decide what to try next. Apples? or Doug’s favorite, avocado!

The rollover

After being frustrated for well over a month now that she couldn’t roll over from her back to her belly, Emma has finally mastered the art of The Rolloverâ„¢. Well, ok. Maybe she hasn’t “mastered” it yet. But as she shows in the video below, it’s now a simple maneuver for her. In fact, she’s rolling over onto her belly almost every time we lay her down on her back now.

She hasn’t rolled over in her crib yet. But we’re not going to be surprised if we walk in one morning and find her already on her belly.

First attempt at solid food

Today, we tried to feed Emma her first solid food: rice cereal. Not really a solid food, I know. But it’s not just milk either. There was one big problem: she didn’t know what to do with it. As Cam and I each took turns holding the spoon up to her mouth, she’d stick her tongue out to push it way. Or she would turn her head away after she learned what was coming. I don’t think any cereal actually got into her mouth. Most of it went down her chin. I think we’ll be working on solids for a while.

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