Summer in SF

“You can never go without a coat in the summer in the city of San Francisco.”
— Mark Twain, 1891

Just over one hundred years later, it seems nothing has changed about the weather in San Francisco. If you plan on coming to our summer wedding, bring a coat! July has an average daytime high of 77 degrees, and an evening low of around 55. The mornings can be beautiful with the warmth of the sunshine. But by early afternoon, the fog often starts to roll in through the Golden Gate, bringing on quite a chill.

I am hopeful it will stay warm with a slight ocean breeze. But be prepared for our afternoon fog! You only have a 40 second walk from the Chapel to the Golden Gate Club, where the reception will take place, so you should be fine then. It’s when you are out exploring the City that you’ll need to prepare by dressing in layers. You don’t want to get caught buying a $75 “I [heart] SF” sweatshirt from the locals at Fisherman’s Wharf because you didn’t bring a coat!

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