Diaper bags: My new obsession

I think I had four diaper bags with Em before we found one that really worked for us. Now that we are having another baby, I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect diaper bag. It’s been a least two years, maybe longer, that I’ve been without a diaper bag. I can’t believe how much they’ve changed. I want a diaper bag that will last, is comfortable, and will hold everything. Basically, I want a bag that will look stylish and fit all of my needs.

I’m looking to only buy one bag this time around, not four. Here are a few bags that I really like. They’re all so different in style and price but they all have the same features I’m looking for.

Skip Hop: VERSA Diaper Bag

I love this bag, I love the price even more! VERSA is a very stylish diaper bag without the high style price. It has a ton of pockets and a quick zip feature that gives you even more storage space. It comes in three different colors and doesn’t even look like a diaper bag. The best feature, it’s only $70.

OiOi: Black and White Two Pocket Hobo Diaper Bag

I really like the simplicity of this bag. The leather trim on the canvas gives it a sophisticated feel that lacks in other bags. It has all the great features of the other bags but this one has the magnetic closing snaps. This is perfect for me since I rarely zip or close anything up on my own! $149

Petunia Pickle Bottom: Abundance Boxy Backpack

There are two reasons I really love this bag. One, you can wear it as a backpack. Two, it has a flap cover. Both of these features are really helpful when you have multiple children or never take the time to zip your bag. These bags are durable and well made. The materials inside and out make it very easy to clean. They also come in a lot of different colors for you to choose from. My hesitation, everyone seems to have this bag. $169

Bumble Bags Honey Collection: The Heiress in Camel

Um, they don’t call this The Heiress for nothing. This is the luxury bag of all diaper bag. I saw this bag and couldn’t believe how soft and durable it was. I also couldn’t believe it was a diaper bag! It’s beautiful, has every feature you can imagine, and way out of my price range. One thing that would sell me on this bag, it coverts from a hobo bag to a down-turned bag making it very easy to use sans babies. $375

So, what do you think? Do you have the “perfect” diaper bag? Does it really exist? If so, please share it with me!

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  1. I think the OiOi screams Cam :)

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