1. Nichole inthesesmallmoments.com

    You can TOTALLY do this, my friend.
    And your reward is going to be so sweet.

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      Thank you my friend. Each day is one step close!

  2. Trena Garrett (Davis)

    Yes you can!!!! Just one day at a time…don’t think past that. (Just stalked you on google after following you on pinterest and saw that you had several pins re: blogging so I figured you might have a blog…creepy? :) ) I’m praying for you and your wee one, Cam.

    1. Cam nothankyouplease.com

      Ha, that’s ok Trena. I have three blogs so it’s not hard to find me anymore. We also have dougandcam.com for more personal info. I’ve been doing most of my baby updates there. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, I’ll take any that come our way!

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