Week 30 update

Today we had an interesting doctor appointment. I didn’t get horrible news but was told that things are changing. We can expect this the farther along I get. Each week that goes by is a big plus, but I’ll most likely be changing a little more for the worse each week. Still, nothing to worry about at this point. We just have to keep doing what we’re doing, I really can’t do any more than that. We are just happy we made it to week 30. Now it seems like we are on the downhill side of things.

I did get some good news. He might let me off bed rest closer to 34 weeks than 36. He knows I’m really struggling mentally and thinks it would be best for me at this point. I’m not to get my hopes up, it was a “might” but at least that’s something to hold onto for now.

More good news, my new recliner will be here next week. Sleeping has become next to impossible. The┬áNifedipine makes it to where I really can’t lay down anymore. Even with the medications that are suppose to help, I am still getting sick each time I try. ┬áI really hope having the recliner will help. At this point, i’ll try just about anything.

Well, here’s to another week down. 40 more days of bed rest to go! Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers!

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