Week 31, where I do the happy dance.

A few things about today’s doctor appointment. It was confirmed, my doctor likes Doug better. But I’m grateful. After spending over an hour in the waiting room, then another fifteen minutes in the exam room, we found out my doctor had to leave for an emergency c-section. I heard him tell the nurse to reschedule all of us who were waiting. ┬áNot really what we wanted to hear after our 45 minute drive. It wasn’t until he saw Doug walking down the hall that he decided to squeeze us in before he left.

I’m still doing well for our situation. We are officially 31 week so things are good. He’s told me at my last two appointments that it looks like we have a “big, healthy baby.” I’m thrilled about the healthy part but not too excited about the “big” part. Overall, we feel we’re officially on the downhill side of things. The best news from my appointment today, he’s pretty sure I’ll be off bed rest at week 34. That’s only 3 weeks away folks! He even said I could attend our preschool auction in early March. He did caution me though, I won’t have the strength and energy as I did 10 weeks ago. In other words, I’ll most likely be sporting a wheelchair until I get my strength back.

In other good news, my recliner arrived today. I’m now able to enjoy the rest of the family in the living room. This is most likely where I’ll try sleeping too since it’s become impossible to sleep through the night.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all your thought and prayers. Hopefully I’ll be seeing all of you in just a few short weeks!

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