Make-ahead crockpot freezer meals

If you’re like me, you may have found many great recipes on Pinterest. People are really creative. I’ve been wanting to try a few make-ahead crockpot meals. I’ve wondered how long it would take to prepare and store meals like this.

Today, I got the chance to find out. I went through several recipes I found online. I picked the ones I thought my family would enjoy. Once I got the grocery list together, I headed out to the store. Surprisingly, I had a lot of ingredients already, making this project easy and affordable.

First I washed my veggies, then began cutting everything up. The prep was done in no time. After creating an assembly line, it was easy to get the meals packaged up. In less than two hours, I had ten meals ready to go into the freezer.

Making these meals was a snap and didn’t take any time at all. What I love the most… ¬†I now have a freezer full of meals that are ready to drop into our crockpot on any given day.

A huge thank you to Jaima at Ring Around the Rosies for her recipes and tips.

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