Halloween at Disneyland: Our first trip

We finally made it to Disneyland during their Halloween events. Like all things Disney, this experience didn’t disappoint.

Walking up to the main gates, you’re greeted by pumpkin shapes of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie. After walking through the gates, you feel the Halloween festivities everywhere. With over 300 carved pumpkins throughout Main Street, it’s hard not to feel Fall all around.

Taking a look down Main Street, you realize just how much work has gone into decorating for Halloween. The giant 12′ Jack-o-Lantern of Mickey in the middle of Town Square is a sight to see, and it makes for the perfect spot for a family portrait.  Not one store front goes untouched. Every window has a hint of Halloween with either a pumpkin or a banner.

One of our favorite places for breakfast, is the newly renovated Carnation Cafe. It’s much more family friendly with indoor seating and plenty of space. We didn’t even have to leave our stroller outside. The menu has the same great favorites. As usual, Emma was able to get her Mickey Mouse waffles.

The treats around the park are amazing. The apples get decked out as a jack-o-lantern and cookies turn into Mickey pumpkins. My favorite chocolate-carmel marshmallows even get a ghoulish make-over for the occasion.

We couldn’t wait to hit Adventure and Frontier Land. We knew the Haunted Mansion, New Orleans Square, and Big Thunder Ranch would be decked out. The Haunted Mansion was ready to give you the scare of your life. There’s a cross between Halloween and Christmas.

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas is widely displayed and picture perfect. Even if you’ve never seen the movie, you’ll love the decorations so make sure you include this in your park plans.

It’s the perfect amount of “spook” so the whole family can enjoy the attraction. This Disney favorite and will be around through the Christmas holiday season.

If you get a chance to ride the Haunted Mansion, you’ll have a lot to take in while you’re in line. Every pumpkin is wearing a different smile, the colors are amazing, and the extra decorations compliment the mansion perfectly.

One of my favorite places to eat at Disneyland is Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue. It’s one of the best spots to relax, enjoy the entertainment, and have an all you can eat barbecue feast. The decorations were fitting and a wonderful tribute to the Fall festivities.

Emma loved hitting the stage to sing and dance with the band. The entertainer teaches the kids new songs and dance moves while parents sit tight and enjoy the remaining food. Don’t miss the petting zoo and pumpkin carvers on the ranch too, another favorite.

It was such a great trip. We loved the Autumn colors, decorations, and the extra Halloween touches that surround you throughout the park. However, we missed one big event, Mickey’s Trick or Treat Party. We’ll just need to add it to our list for next year!

The Halloween festivities are running now through October 31, 2012.

Happy Halloween!

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