Disneyland trip: 40″ and counting

We’re starting to relish our Disney trips. This is the last year that we’ll be able to go whenever we want. Emma will start school in the Fall, making it challenging to go anytime except outside of school days. We wanted our next trip to be special, since both girls were sick during our last visit and unable to enjoy much.

A new world opened up for us on our most recent trip. Emma is FINALLY over the 40″ mark. She’s well over the mark at 40 3/4 inches tall. This means she actually bumps her head on each of the height checkers when ride attendants ask to measure her height, drawing the obvious, “she’s good to go” from each attendant.


This time around, we rode several different rides. There were new experiences happening in both parks. Emma couldn’t contain her excitement over Star Tours. Honestly, I couldn’t either. It’s been years since I’ve been on it, long before the renovation. What I love most about this ride, is the many themes. I’ve heard there are over 50 different story lines of the mini featurette you experience on the ride. So you get a different experience every time. If you’re waiting in line, you may even get friendly with a Storm Trooper.


Another huge hit was the Jumpin’ Jellyfish ride at California Adventure. She couldn’t get enough of the ride. She even suckered shared the experience with our friend Denny.


Cars Land was at the top of our list. We took full advantage of the Rider Switch Pass┬áProgram so we could all have a spin around Radiator Springs. The Radiator Springs Racers is a family favorite. We’re thrilled Emma can ride with us now. Previous trips, where she wasn’t tall enough to get on, made it hard to fully enjoy the ride without her.


I can’t believe how a few inches can change the whole Disney park experience. I can’t even count the times we heard Emma say, “Lets do that again!”

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  1. What a great time!

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