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This week, I had the privilege of joining the Disney Social Media Moms “On the Road” half-day conference at the glorious Claremont hotel in Berkeley. This invite-only event was created by Disney to spread the word about new events taking place at the Parks, while empowering moms with stories from amazing speakers. It’s hard to imagine, but in just a half day, I left feeling recharged and ready for what’s ahead.


Maria Bailey from @MomTalkRadio, kicked off the day. She got right to the importance of women entrepreneurs. After all, 8.5 million business are owned by women. We obviously play an important roll in generating revenue. But the lesson I took away… although women are largely successful, we are also our own brands. Being a mom is the most rewarding, difficult, and challenging job there is. We are constantly teaching our children lessons and the behaviors they learn are from us. Maria has had many successes over the years, and knows the impact a career has had on her family. She’s a powerful example of a how to balance your time with work and home. Be your own brand. But know when to unplug and give your family what they deserve: you.


Next up, we had the honor of listening to Michele Himmelberg, @mhimmelberg, the Public Relations Director at the Disneyland Resort. Michele has an impressive background in journalism and and has taken her experience in a new direction by working with media and  bloggers at Disneyland. Michele shared how the “The Happiest Place on Earth” just got happier. From Mickey and the Magical Map, to the new Princess Faire, Michele was able to tell us about the new entertainment happening around the park. By expanding the Disney outreach program and latest happenings with traditional journalists and bloggers, word is getting out. Mom bloggers, especially, are excellent storytellers. It’s no surprise people are listening.


Our key-note speaker was Mindee Doney from @JuiceBoxIdea. Mindee is most notable for her work with Boogie Wipes. Mindee was phenomenal. We sat at the edge of our seats listening to her story. Watching and listening to Mindee, you’d never believe the direction her story was about to take. Mindee had huge success with Boogie Wipes, only to see it fall apart in the end. She lost the ability to find a work/life balance and ultimately lost her focus. Learning from the past, she has moved on to amazing things, and is providing her consulting services with Juice Box Idea Consulting. I think Mindee really hit us hard when she said “Motherhood does not get easier, you get better at it.” As I work at being a better mom to my girls, I’ll remember her words.


Our mompreneurs Erin, Alma, and Romi shared a panel to talk about their ideas, successes, and the lessons they are learning. With the help of Huggies Mom Inspired, these women have created and produced their ideas to help busy moms. Moms have already invented the next big thing, they just need help turning their ideas into realities. Every one of these women said, if you have an unyielding passion, keep trying. Don’t give up, you’ll find the one person who will believe in you.


Finally, we heard from Disney Parks Global Content Developer and Director, Michelle Stepney. Michelle is the writer of Disney Style Snapshots on the Disney Parks Blog. Michelle reminded us how important it is to deliver your message when confronted with media attention. Michelle has worked with media at all angles. We need to be confident in our areas of expertise and be ourselves. Most importantly, never say anything you don’t want repeated. Always put your best face forward.


I really feel honored to be part of this experience. Not only did I get to hear amazing speakers, but I got to see some of my favorite blogger friends all in one place. I’m so glad I got to spend time with Jill, Nichole, and Lizz!


See? A lot happened in just a half day. Somewhere in all of this, I won a beautiful new suitcase from American Tourister Colora Collection. Emma was so excited when I rolled in a bright pink suitcase!

If you’d like more information about the Disney On The Road events, visit The Disney Social Media Moms Conference site and follow @DisneySMMoms on Twitter.

If you’ve been to the DisneySMMoms conference or an On The Road event, feel free to include your posts. We’d love to hear about your experience!


  1. Nice write up on the conference! Now when people ask me what it was like, I’ll send them your link (in fact, I already have!). It was great to meet you in person. It’s always fun to put a real live person behind the blog :-)

  2. Cam growingupgoofy.com

    Hi Rebecca! It went by so fast! That’s my only complaint. I wish I had stayed longer so I could chat longer! We need an extra day just for that alone! So good to meet you as well. Hopefully, we’ll see more of each other around the Bay!

  3. DisneyGalGayle disneygals.com

    Cam it was so much fun spending the morning with you! You are right-the time just flew by but what and inspiring, empowering morning it was. Can’t wait to see you again!

    1. Cam growingupgoofy.com

      Thank you Gayle! You can’t put a bunch of women in a room for that short of time, that’s for sure. We needed a whole day just to chat with one another. Hopefully, we can have a meet up here in the Bay Area so we can catch up!

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