Throwback Thursday: First trip to WDW

We are a Disneyland family true and true. But I was looking at pictures of my first trip to Disney World with Doug. I remember it was really hot that day. We were both tired and sweaty by the end of that first day. Both of us grew up loving Disneyland and WDW. It’s no surprise, we keep that tradition alive by taking our kids on a regular basis.


We were so young. With very bad glasses. We were stuck together then, and now. Happy Throwback Thursday!

If you have vintage pictures you’d like to share, visit Catching Up With Kate to see more great posts about Throwback Thursday, Disney addition. BTW, the date in the photo was wrong, my “future” in-laws at the time had the wrong date on their camera. I believe this was June of 2005.


  1. Love it! I tweeted & pinned your pic – I hope we can go to WDW someday soon!

    1. Cam

      We are taking the girls in December. I can’t wait!

  2. Dawn Cullo

    Great pic, darn time date stamp on the camera. How did you make it through the park in flip flops? My feet would be achy. =D

    1. Cam

      Ha! I didn’t even notice I had flip-flops on. I have no idea, I bet I died that night. I know I would never do that now! I barely make it in my best walking shoes!

  3. alicja

    We are taking the kids (girl 7.5, boy 4) to Orlando for the first time ever in October and am wondering if going to WDW is an absolute must since we go to Disneyland and california adventure park every year. We’ll be there for 6 nights and really want to check out all the other Disney parks (epcot, animal kingdom ect.) and also a little bit of Florida itself (like daytona or the atlantic ocean). Do you think this is all doable? We’re staying at a timeshare and will have to rent a car anyway…

    Thank you in advance for any advice you may have for us !

  4. Cam

    Hi Alicja,

    We’re taking our kids for their first time in December. WDW is certainly a must option, especially if your kids have never visited before. I’d recommend splitting up your time, maybe 2-3 days at WDW, and the rest of your trip seeing other things in Florida you’d like to see. There are similarities at WDW that your kids will be familiar with, but also lots of different experiences too.

    Set your expectations accordingly though. WDW is absolutely enormous, and some of the parks are pretty far away from each other (usually requiring a monorail or bus ride to get to each). It’s not like Disneyland and DCA, where you can easily walk from one to the other without wasting too much time. I’d recommend picking the 2 or 3 WDW parks you really want to visit, and sticking with one per day. That way, you’re not wasting time transferring between each. And you’ll also save a little bit of money by not paying the extra park-hopper fee that lets you visit multiple parks per day.

    Have fun! And let me know how your trip went once you’re back.

  5. alicja

    Oh how exciting for you guys also ! So you think that one day in each park is possible ? I hear epcot alone is a two or at least a 1 and a half day experience…but I don’t know. this will most likely be our one and only time going so I want to make sure we see it all but also get the most bang for our buck :)

  6. Cam

    Hi again, Alicja –

    It all depends on what else you’d like to do in Florida. If you have other things you’d like to do that are not at WDW, then yes, I think you can make a day at each park work. Set your expectations accordingly that you may not get to see everything. That’s ok. It’s more about having fun and not feeling rushed or anxious about missing something. If you set your mind to that in advance, you’ll be more flexible, have less arguments about where to go next, and you’ll enjoy your trip much more.

    If the other things you wanted to see in Florida are not as important, maybe add one more day for WDW at the end, and then choose on that day to go back to one of the parks you already visited but want to see again (or experience more of it that you may have missed).

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