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FrozenWe finally made it to see Disney Animation’s latest movie, FROZEN. I know, we are a little late to the game. I still feel the need to share my thoughts on the movie. Even though we’ve already seen it twice, I can’t wait to see it again.

I love the movie. Loved it. Without giving anything away, the ending was perfect and unexpected. With many Disney movies of the past, the plot is often predictable. You can pretty much guess what is going to happen, long before it does. Disney Animation is paving the way for a new generation. FROZEN is more along the lines of Brave in what it teaches. Girls can now feel empowered, they are no longer getting married off at sixteen.

There were two critical moments for me. One, when Elsa told her sister, “you can’t marry someone you’ve just met.” Hallelujah! Seriously, I was so relieved to leave the theater and explain why you don’t have to marry the first Prince that comes your way. Second, it was clear the meaning of “love” has been redefined. ¬†Anna chooses love in the end. However, it’s not in a way you anticipate. Bravo.

There was one tiny thing that bothered me. I think Disney Animation gave too much hip shaking to the transformed Elsa in the “Let it Go” scene. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous. I just wish she wasn’t so sultry once she transforms. I know, I’ve become a prude since having girls. But, if that’s my only complaint, then I think we have a hit on our hands! And the box office numbers prove it.

What did you think of the movie? Can your child not stop singing “Let It Go” by now?

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be going to the sing-a-long coming to theaters January 31st. More details on that as they come!


  1. I loved it too

  2. I loved it too! I wasn’t thrilled with the sultry look either! Overall though it was fantastic!

  3. DIStherapy DIStherapy.com

    Embarrassed- I STILL haven’t seen it!! (And after reading your post, I want to more than ever…)

  4. I loved Frozen! I can’t wait until it releases on blu-ray!

  5. Lin @ DisneyMamas disneymamas.com

    I am so glad to find someone else who found the hip swaying a bit off! I thought I was the only one. And its not just that shes shaking them, its more that they are so stiff and awkward looking!

  6. Great review! I also had the same thoughts on Let it Go!! Come on Disney! ;)

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