Caring for your baby at Disneyland


When we were getting ready for our first trip to Disneyland with a baby. I didn’t know what amenities would be available. Fortunately, Disney makes it easy for families with babies in tow. If you’d like to feed in private or change a diaper, the Baby Care Center is the place for you. Whether breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, there is a quiet, private area to sit and feed your baby. If you need to heat up or mix a bottle, there’s a small kitchen for use. Each center has large changing tables with disposable liners. Diapers, wipes, and formula are available for purchase as well. Using cloth diapers? Not a problem. The Baby Care Center in Disneyland has a place for you to wash those dirty diapers.

These centers are also equipped with rockers, swings, high chairs, TVs, and even toys. Not only is the Baby Care Center great for babies, but you can also bring in toddlers under 42 inches. Small, pint-sized commodes are available for those in the midst of potty training. My daughter loved being able to use a potty more her size without worrying about falling into those big, grown-up potties. Baby Care Centers are tucked away in low-traffic areas of each park. At Disneyland, the center is tucked in an alley behind the old photo supply store at the castle end of Main Street. And at California Adventure, it’s nestled in a corner beside the Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop.

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