Lighten your load, use a locker!


The first few times we visited Disneyland, I loved having our huge stroller in the park with us. This allowed me to pack everything under the sun in the large basket under the stroller. Now that we’re using a much smaller umbrella stroller, I can’t do that anymore. And what about the souvenirs and gifts for family members that you might acquire throughout the day?

Fortunately, Disney provides lockers for rent. But they only exist in a few key locations, so plan accordingly. Locker bays  are located outside the Disneyland main gate, and another set halfway down Main Street inside Disneyland. California Adventure has a set of lockers located across from Guest Relations.

Several sizes of lockers are available, and they range in cost from $7-$15 for the whole day. Use them as long as you need, and access them at any point without having to pay again. You may remember much cheaper lockers that used the old key system? Those lockers may have only been fifty cents. But you had to pay each time you wanted to open and re-lock the locker.

If you’re inside DCA, and only need to store something for a short period of time, look for lockers near Grizzly River Run. These lockers are free to use for up to two hours.

Just don’t forget to claim your belongings at the end of a long day at the park. Lockers are cleared out each night, and the contents are turned over to Lost and Found.

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