Pumpkin muffins, until they become cupcakes!

Pumpkin cupcakes

Fall is my favorite time of year. Actually, it might just be the pumpkin. And that my kids will eat almost anything pumpkin. So this time of year is a little easier around my house.

Making pumpkin muffins

One of my favorite go-to pumpkin treats is a pumpkin muffin. But what I really like about the pumpkin muffin is how easily it can become a pumpkin cupcake. Here’s how you can turn an ordinary muffin into a perfect cupcake in seconds.

Cooling pumpkin muffins

Make your favorite pumpkin muffin recipe. I’ve been making the same one for years. If you don’t have a favorite, or the time, grab a mix. Mixes have come a long way. You can buy some really good mixes out there. One of my favorite brands is Stonewall Kitchen.

photo 3

Once I’ve made my muffins, I make some frosting while they are cooling. This is where the magic happens. I make a simple cream cheese frosting. You can find several fast an easy recipes with a quick search. I use Martha Stewarts because of how simple it is. The cream cheese is perfect for this type of muffin, because it’s not overly sweet.

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I add just a touch of orange food coloring to give it a little color. I have decorative sugar crystals in both an orange and green mixture. Put your frosting into an icing bag, or if you’re like me, a ziplock type bag. Create a small swirl on top of your muffin cupcake. Add the orange sugar sprinkles on the outer edge of your frosting first, then top with the green sugar crystals.


You now have a festive pumpkin cupcake that everyone will enjoy. Luckily for me, my kids love these as both a muffin and a cupcake. It’s the perfect snack and go-to holiday treat.


  1. Danielle simmworksfamily.com

    I love a good pumpkin muffin! They’re my favorite muffin this time of year.

    1. Cam growingupgoofy.com

      I love this time of year! Pumpkin muffins are such a good excuse to stay home and be cozy! ;)

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