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Disney parades are fantastic. They’re full of action, lots of characters, and energetic music. I’ve seen the same parade more times than I can count, but it never gets old. Most importantly, my children love the parades. The key to enjoying any parade is to find a comfortable spot with a good view. The parade route typically runs from “It’s a Small World” to the Town Square promenade. Sometimes it runs in reverse, but the route is typically the same.

There are several locations along the parade route that offer good views. Spots around Town Square, all the way along Main Street, near Plaza Inn, and in front of It’s a Small World will offer the best views. The parade draws big crowds, so expect to find and claim a spot at least an hour before the parade begins. Want to sit on a bench? You’ll need to grab it even earlier.

If you’re visiting with several people, take turns reserving your spot. As the parade start time draws closer, expect more assertive behavior from other folks trying to find a last-minute spot of their own. Make sure your entire party is back at your spot at least 15 minutes before the parade starts. Dense crowds make moving along the parade routes a very slow and difficult process, especially if you have a stroller.

One last piece of advice. Don’t lay a blanket down along the parade route, and expect that you can leave it unattended in attempt to reserve your spot. Disney Cast Members routinely monitor the parade route, and will immediately remove unclaimed blankets and belongings.

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