Disney dining, is it right for you?

Is Disney dining right for you?

For those of you who purchase packages through Disney or other travel planning services, you may be able to purchase a Disney Dining Plan. These plans don’t offer a discount, but are intended to help budget in your meals. These plans are purchased along with your package, and vouchers can be used inside the park and at Disney hotels. You’ll be able to select your dining plan, but most offer enough for three meals a day, plus a snack.

We’ve purchased dining plans before. Although we were able to pre-pay for our meals, we were also limited to dining at the Disneyland parks and hotels. Vouchers cannot be used at Downtown Disney locations.

If you plan on staying on-site at a Disney hotel and you’ll be spending most of your time in the parks, consider a dining plan. However, if you’re staying off-site, and you like flexibility with your time and money, a Disney dining plan might not be a good fit for you. Instead, set aside the money you would have paid for the dining plan and use those funds for your dining budget.

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