Mickey shaped beignets

Mickey beignets

A trip through New Orleans Square wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the small Mint Julep Bar, just behind the French Market Restaurant, to enjoy a few Mickey-shaped beignets. These fried, puffy, Mickey-shaped, donut-like treats are dusted in powdered sugar, were brought to Disneyland from New Orleans. The powdered sugar does a great job covering each beignet with sugary goodness.

When you order beignets from the Mint Julep Bar, they’ll come in a plain  paper bag with lots of extra powdered sugar sitting in the bottom. They’re made fresh for each order, so be warned that they’ll be hot when they hand you your order. You could eat them there on the patio, which is usually quiet in the morning. Or we suggest taking your bag o’ beignets down to the water’s edge, and hopefully enjoy some Jazz music playing in the background.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion at Disneyland, make sure to get a button from the Town Hall near the entrance of the park on your way in, and wear it! The Mint Julep Bar is one of the locations that may sneak a few extras into your order if they notice a birthday girl or boy, or an anniversary couple . On our last trip, we were pleasantly surprised to discover a few extra beignets had made their way into our bag.

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