Avery & Austin: The perfect playdate

I am so proud to tell you about my latest adventure, Avery & Austin. Avery & Austin was created with my very dear friend, Nichole, from In These Small Moments. We just hit the 2 week mark, and I realized that I never shared it here.

I’ve been friends with Nichole for a long time, since BlogHer years ago. I didn’t know if we’d be friends or not after she decided to get a pink feather hair extension. Against my telling her it probably wasn’t a good idea. She did it anyway, and later blamed me for letting her do it. We’ve been to many conferences together, and even survived a 2-mile runDisney run. We were meant to be friends. She has a little snark and a lot of savvy.


After talking about our idea for months, we started a company, and named it Avery & Austin. We offer a monthly subscription box service where parents can have everything they need to host fun playdates delivered right to their doorstep. We provide the materials for different craft projects each month, along with a healthy snack for two, and a host gift for you to keep for yourself, or share. Hosting a playdate should be fun, not a lot of work, and we love the idea of having something to show for it. Bragging rights are healthy right?


We’re unique from other box services, because we make sure your playdate box has everything you need for two. Whether you’re wanting to spend a little extra time with you child, invite one of their friends over, or you just want something new for your kids to do together, it’s all put into one box for you.


So many of us are parents, grandparents, aunts, and godparents. We are all trying to do our best at keeping kids productive, happy, and entertained. We’ve just invented a way to make that easy for anyone. Once a month, our kids get to be unplugged, active, and creative, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

So please, go check out our Avery & Austin #PerfectPlaydate box. If this is something you’re interested in, and would like to try out, use code: GOOFY15 to get $15 off any of our subscriptions plans. And if you do, please share the results with us, and let us know how it goes for you!

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  1. Roxanne unintentionally-brilliant.com

    Congratulations to the both of you for this new adventure. It sounds like an amazing idea! XO

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