Sheet pan meals. dinner is served.

School is starting up again. Now that we have two girls in school, I find myself trying to get back in the kitchen on a regular basis. If you’re anything like me, you’re running around like crazy trying to find extra time in the day just to get things done. With two active kids, I need as many short cuts as possible. Dinner has always been the hardest part of my day, and I have found a way to make it easier on everyone. The sheet pan.

sheet pan

Ok, so my sheet pan has seen better days. But, I swear it’s safe to eat on. The great thing about the sheet pan? You can put anything on it. It’s a great way to create a fresh and easy idea, or the perfect opportunity to clean out the fridge and get rid of any randoms you might have left over. And? One big pan to clean up after your done.Sausage and Peppers

Here’s what I like to do. Get my ingredients together, chop them all up. Put them in ziploc bags or sealable containers. When I’m ready to use them, I pull them out of the fridge, toss them on the pan with some seasoning and into the oven, and I’m basically done. Dinner is ready to go and I’m not losing my mind.


You can use your sheet pan for all in one meals,┬átarts, flat breads, and small pizza’s. I recently bought Sheet Pan Suppers to help me come up with a few more ideas. She really goes outside of the “sheet pan” box with some clever recipes.

Have you found your dinner groove? Spill your dinnertime secrets!

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