Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

luigi's rollickin roadsters

We have a new favorite in the Disney California Adventure park. Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters opened in March and we can’t get enough of it. This week, my girls were singing the theme song before we even had our bags packed and ready to hit the road.

Luigi's Italian Roadsters

If you’re a Disneyland fan like we are, you might remember Luigi’s Flying Tires. It was hard to maneuver for many people, us included, and we were hoping this was short lived. We were thrilled when DCA announced the new arrival of Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters to Casa della Tires in Cars Land.

Luigi's tires

We are thrilled with this new ride and we are really happy they kept the entry and waiting area the same. I always loved walking through the tire showcase and seeing all the fun memorabilia throughout the holding area. It makes the waiting a little more interesting and easier on the little ones.

The Italian roadsters are cute little cars that dance and glide to the music. Each car is different and has it’s own unique feel. The cars put on a little dance and cap it off with a fun spin, reminding me of Mad Tea Party teacups. If you ride it more than once, make sure you pick different cars. You’ll get a slightly different experience each time.

Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters has a height requirement of at least 32 inches. It’s located next to “a bug’s land” if you need a few more rides for preschoolers with height restrictions.


  1. jindy

    I love this attraction as well! The music is really fun and it is a fantastic replacement for the former attraction which lacked the fun factor.

    1. Cam

      I JUST pulled up the lyrics to Hey Mambo today! I think that’s one of the reasons I like the ride too Jindy!

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