Pinwheel fun! How to make a pinwheel

Pinwheel fun: How to make a pinwheel

If your house is anything like mine, you’re tired of hearing, “what can I do?” on these long summer days. I like to keep several projects on hand so I’m ready to go with suggestions. One of the best projects we do over and over again is making a pinwheel. Follow these quick easy stops on how to make a pinwheel and you’ll have pinwheel fun at your home too. 

Making pinwheels

This really is one of my favorite projects to do with the kids. We’ve made these enough times by now that my kids don’t even need me around and can almost get it done on their own. I get everything out that they’ll need, and they do the rest with very little help from me.

How to make a paper pinwheel

To get started, gather some paper straws, 4 x 4 square double-sided paper, brads, a hole punch, and scissors. You don’ t really need the 4 x4 squares, but I find these on sale at Michaels all the time so we have a ton of them. If you’re using a regular sheet of paper, just cut it down to a traditional square size. Starting at each corner, cut toward the center of the square diagonally, about 3/4 of the way to the middle. Punch a hole in the middle of the square. Punch a hole in the right corner of each angle. One at a time, grab a corner and put the brad through each hole. After you’ve gathered all the corners, thread brad into the center hole. Using the paper straw, push the brad into the straw and secure. I use a safety pin to make a small guide hole first before pushing the brad through.

These pinwheels are more decorative, and most won’t spin unless you use a longer brad. I haven’t found any yet that will let them spin freely, but the kids still really enjoy playing with them. You can find the longer brads at Home Depot or order them on Amazon. One thing my kids like to do with these is put them in potted plants around the backyard. While playing tag, these are a great way to identify “safe” spots around their play space.

This is super easy craft to keep on hand for long summer days. Not only are they cute, easy to make, but they’ll keep your kids entertained during those “bored” times.

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